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        Postgraduate Admission

        CRES offers research-centered advanced degrees in the following disciplines:

        Plant Nutrition

        Bio-fertilizer & Soil Microbiology, Molecular Biology of Plant Nutrition, Plant Nutrition Physiology & Disease Physiology.

        Soil Sciences

        Soil C/N Biogeochemistry, Soil Ecology, Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing & Information Systems


        Information Ecology, Pollution Ecology, Agricultural Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Behavior Ecology, Global Change Ecology.

        Environmental Sciences

        Environmental Processes and Global Change, Environmental Pollution Control & Bioremediation, Environmental Quality & Food Security, Environment Monitoring & Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental Biology & Bio-engineering.

        Environmental Engineering

        Solid Waste Treatment Engineering, Water and Sewage Treatment Engineering, Environmental Microbiology Engineering, Soil Pollution Chemistry & Pollution Control, Polluted Field Risk Assessment & Remediation, New Environmental Material.

        Marine Biology

        Marine Bio-energy, Marine Active Material, Marine Bioremediation, Marine Bio-information Technique.

        Master of Professional Studies

        The following Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) program is designed for people who are looking for a graduate degree and a career in science, but who are not interested in research careers:Agricultural Resources UtilizationandEnvironmentalEngineering.